In 1993, Fox introduced a new show to it's lineup. The X-Files would prove to be a big hit for the network. It would also make David Duchovy and Gillian Anderson instant celebrities. The producers would also release a theatrical film of the show. The musical group Catonia would have a hit with the song "Mulder and Scully" in the UK, based on the two leads of the show.

But the show would have its problems. David Duchovny who is married to Tea Leoni, would object to the show being filmed in Vancouver. The producers would give in and relocate the show to Los Angeles. But then David decided he would leave the show. His replacement would be Robert Patrick in his role as John Doggett. The problem with bringing in a new character was that the chemistry between Mulder and Scully was excellent. The addition of Doggett just didn't work for me.

While I like Robert Patrick, he just wasn't right for The X-Files. Plus every time you look at the guy, you just think of the T-1000 from Terminator 2, a role he is best known for.

The X-Files would run for nine seasons and still has a huge following. Robert Patrick has appeared on The Sopranos and numerous movies including Charlies Angels: Full Throttled. But to me, he'll always be the T-1000.

On a side note, Robert Patrick's brother is the lead singer of the rock group Filter.
The X-Files
The Oliver Factor: John Doggett
Played by: Robert Patrick