"Will and Grace" came out of the closet on onto our television screens in September, 1998. The show was about two best friends, Will and Grace, hence the name of the show. Playing the title characters are Eric McCormack and Debra Messing.

The story of the show was that Will is gay and Grace is straight and they have a co-dependant relationship. A lof of people would argue that maybe the show should have been called "Jack and Karen", since the two supporting characters really give the show the best laughs. Sean Hayes played Jack, while Megan Mullally played Karen.

Had it not been for Ellen Degeneres coming out of the closet, a show like "Will and Grace" might not have made it on the air. While Ellen became a little too serious towards the end, Will and Grace just kept the camp comedy coming. The show would also be known for the huge list of celebrity guest stars. Top names like Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, Madonna, Bette Midler, Cher and many more. Even the first lady of the gay sitcom, Ellen Degeneres would make an appearance.

But as most shows do, "Will and Grace" would add a co-star that is just so annoying. Well actually they've done it a few times. They had Harry Connick Jr. as Leo, Grace's husband, which just goes against the whole subject of the show, it's Will and Grace, not Will, Grace and Leo. Thank God, he cheated on Grace and they broke up. We also had Woody Harrelson as Nathan, another guy for Grace. Jeff Goldblum would appear a few times as Scott Woolley as a man from Karen's past, but this just didn't work and was boring.

The show would take a little chance and give Will an actual boyfriend. Yes, they got brave enough to chance middle America would accept Will Truman in a relationship with another man. But the problem was they had this really stupid character of Vince, a dumb cop that Will gets it on with. Bobby Cannavale played Vince and while we like the actor's past work on Third Watch, we hated him on "Will and Grace". The storylines were just plain dumb, much like Vince.

We give Vince's family a thumbs up.  We get to meet them when the whole gang goes over to their house in a funny episode where Will tries to impress Vince's mother. That episode would also feature Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn Discala as Vince's in the closet lesbian sister. This would have been a great family to use as a spin-off from "Will and Grace" minus Vince of course.

Bobby Cannavale continues to build a great career with guest spots on Oz, Law and Order, Six Feet Under, as well as a film career.

Will and Grace
The Oliver Factor: Vince D'Angelo
Played by: Bobby Cannavale