The Oliver Factor: Little Earl
Played by: David Hollander
What's Happening was a hip black show, that white kids totally embraced.  From nerdy Roger to nervy Shirley, everyone loved What's Happening.  Until IT happened!  They brought in this white kid who totally ruined the show.  The white kid was Little Earl and he made his first appearance in 1978.

Little Earl, arrived when Roger and Rerun got their own apartment and Earl lived in the building with his father Big Earl. 

Little Earl fell in love with Roger's sister Dee, which was totally unbelievable.  The show would immediately decline and soon go off the air.  It would return to the airwaves again, reborn as "What's Happening Now".  But without the Earls.

David Hollander played little Earl, after making many TV appeances on shows like Eight is Enough, Quincy and Barnaby Jones.  Last we heard of David he was a writer and producer on "The Guardian".