After the success of the mini series V and then V: The Final Battle, a weekly television show was produced. The series had to change around a lot of things, since the visitors should all be dead. At the end of V: The Final Battle, the resistance released red dust in the air that killed all the visitors. In the series we are lead to believe that the red dust no longer works in warm climates. So they visitors can all enjoy the sunshine while they continue to make frozen dinners out of the human race. In a clever twist, the city of Los Angeles in made an open city, where humans and visitors can wander around free.

The series would introduce a lot of new characters. Some of the older ones remained as well. Mike Donovan, Julie Parish and Ham Tyler all return for the series. As does the ultimate bad girl, Diana. Since Diana screwed up the original invasion, more visitors are brought in to help her. June Chadwick was added to the series to play Lydia. She was Diana's arch enemy. They did more backstabbing than the casts of Dynasty and Dallas combined.

"The Oliver Factor" for V belongs to Charles, as played by Duncan Regehr. He was brought in to lead the visitors and he starts by demoting Diana back to Science Officer. Things get worse for Diana when Lydia is made his assistant. Lydia and Diana would fight for Charles' attention, with Diana coming out on top, as she marries Charles. Charles and Diana get married. Haven't we seen this before? Lydia winds up killing Charles. Why did she have to wait so long? She should have taken this dude out right away. Luckily he was only around for a few episodes. After having Diana in charge, how could the producers think we would accept anyone else? Jane Badler was perfect in her role as the bitchy leader. We were glad that after Charles, she was back leading the visitors.

The series was short lived, mainly because it wasn't properly thought out. After killing Martin off, a few episodes later his twin was brought in and basically played the exact role. Just ridiculous!

There is talk about doing another series of the show, set 20 years after the last one ended. I can't wait, just please don't bring in a missing triplet brother of Martin.

V: The Series
The Oliver Factor: Charles
Played by: Duncan Regehr