Too Close For Comfort

The Oliver Factor: April Rush
Played by: Deena Freeman
"Too Close For Comfort", was  the Ted Knight show that ran for six seasons.  The show was about a man and a woman and their two daughters.  They live in a two family house and when their downstairs neighbor dies, the girls move out on their own.

Ted Knight was the show.  He had great lines to deliver and his timing was perfect.  The show was successful, yet it only reached the top ten once in it's six years.

There were many reasons that the ratings would decline on the show.  Muriel had a child and that alone could have killed the show, but we must award The Oliver Factor to April Rush, played by Deena Freeman.  She was the neice of Henry and Muriel and she was extremely annoying.  Her voice alone should have had this show canceled, yet it would go on.  Luckily April only lasted a season.

Another thing that could have killed this show was when Monroe got a girlfriend?!?  HELLO!!!!!!!!!

Deena Freeman's really only claim to fame was Too Close For Comfort.