My Three Sons

The Oliver Factor: Dodie Harper Douglas
Played by: Dawn Lyn
"My Three Sons" would hit the air on September 29, 1960.  The early episodes were in black and white, but as technology caught up, the switch was made into color.  A lot of people think adding color changed the show.  We do not.  What killed the show was that the three sons suddenly were having kids of their own and the cast became too big.  Plus there were too many comings and goings.  Brother Mike disappeared early in the show, never to be heard from.  Not even a single milk carton with his picture on it.

The Oliver Factor in My Three Sons was like most shows: a kid.  This one was the daughter of the father's new wife.  Dad adopted the kid and she became a regular.  My Three Sons were now grown up and we have this little girl in the show.  Possibly an early version of three men and a baby?  Hmmmmm.

"My Three Sons" would run for an incredible twelve seasons.  We would finally say goodbye to the sons on April 13, 1972.  However, in a weird television special in 1977, the casts of My Three Sons and The Partridge Family would get together for "The Partridge Family/My Three Sons Thanksgiving Reunion".  The only thing we are thankful for, is this was a one off special.