Three's Company

The Oliver Factor: Teri Alden
Played by: Priscilla Barnes
Come and knock on our door.....You know the theme song to this classic sitcom that always revolved around a misunderstanding.  Three's Company was the American version of the successful British comedy "Man About The House".

Three's Company's basic storyline was that three roommates share an apartment, but the man: Jack Tripper must pretend to be gay, in order to live there.  The super, Mr. Roper wouldn't let a straight man live with two girls, so Jack pretends to be gay.  Had this been today, Jack would have called GLAAD and sued based on Mr. Roper's homophobic discrimination.  But it was the 70s, so we'll let it slide.

Through the years, there were many cast changes on Three's Company.  After a fall out with the network Suzanne Somers was fired and forever forced to sell exercise products on Home Shopping.  She was replaced with Jenilee Harrison, who was replaced by Priscilla Barnes.  The Roper's got a spin-off and they were replaced by Mr. Furley.

We must award "The Oliver Factor" to Teri.  After Suzanne Somers left and then Jennilee Harrison, we were stuck with Nurse Teri.  While the changes weren't her fault, the storylines involving her ruined the show.  We wanted the dumb blondes back, not a smart nurse.  Plus all the changes could drive us to drink ourselves silly at the Regal Beagle.

Last we heard of Priscilla Barnes she did a guest spot on the now cancelled show "She Spies".

In 2003, John Ritter died unexpectedly of a heart problem.