The Agency

The Oliver Factor: Tom Gage
Played by: Beau Bridges
The Agency was a short-lived show, canceled at the end of its second season.  During the two years on-air, the show would go through more changes than shows that were on for many more years.

It was a tough show to sell, especially after September 11, 2001.  Storylines would often deal with terrorism and violence in a time when the country was looking for comfort shows like "Friends".

In the first year, the show would lose Gloria Reuben, Gil Bellows and Ronny Cox.  We loved their characters.  In place of Cox, we get Beau Bridges as the new head of the CIA.  While Mr. Bridges is a great actor, we hated his character.  He was boring and basically did nothing on the show.  Instead Mr. Quinn did all the evil things we would expect from the CIA.

Storylines became unrealistic on The Agency.  In the beginning there was Teri, a graphic designer creating phoney passports.  Next thing we knew she was an agent in the field, speaking many languages.  Plus we only got to see about six people in the CIA and they seemed to be able to do everything.  Two people would sneak into another country and get the bad guys and never call for back-up.  Not likely. 

If this was the real CIA, Tom Gage would have taken out a network exec and replaced him with a decoy and the show would still be around.  Okay, maybe we're too caught up in this show.