Taxi drove into our living rooms in 1978. Through the five years it was on the air, we got to know the cab drivers of the Sunshine Cab Company. We liked them, but really why were they still driving cabs after five years? Surely they had bigger plans for their lives. The show wasn't that realistic, I mean I haven't been in a New York cab where the drive actually spoke English in quite some time. Although I guess Latka would fit in a New York cab.

The show launched the career of Danny Devito. His character of Louie was the center of the cab company. He was rude and all the drivers hated him. There was Alex, played by Judd Hirsch, Bobby played by Jeff Conaway, Marilu Henner's Elaine and Tony Danza who of course played another character named Tony. Were they afraid he would forget his name, or is it in all his contracts that any role he plays must have the name Tony.

The character I hated the most, the one that ruined the show for me was Simka, played by Carol Kane. She came on the show as the girlfriend of Latka and wound up marrying him. Her voice alone could break a TV screen. Both Latka and Simka were just too much accent for my taste. Why didn't someone just call immigration on these two and have them deported.

Carol Kane has had a steady career doing guest spots on television shows like Homicide, Ellen, Beggars and Choosers and Cheers.
The Oliver Factor: Simka
Played by: Carol Kane