After a guest starring role on "Friends", Brooke Shields proved she could do comedy and was seriously being considered for a sitcom. After many changes that sitcom would debut as "Suddenly Susan" in the fall of 1996. The storyline revolved around a magazine in which Brooke's character Susan wrote a column. Susan boss, Jack Richmond was played by Judd Nelson. He was the brother of the man Susan left at the alter.

Judd Nelson would stay with the show through the first three years. He was replaced with a new boss at the magazine, played by Eric Idle. This would be the last chapter of the show. While Eric is a great comic actor, casting him on the show just did not work. He never quite fit in with the rest the cast. While Eric has had an impressive career, most notably with Monty Python, his role on this American show was just plain boring. I wish someone would have called immagration and had deported him back to England.

Tragedy would strike "Suddenly Susan" during the third season, when actor David Strickland committed suicide. On the last show of the season, his death was written in as an accident. The season finale would feature clips of David during his years with the show.

The book was closed on "Suddenly Susan" in December 2000, when the network finally decide to cancel the show. "Suddenly Susan" was suddenly gone.
Suddenly Susan
The Oliver Factor: Ian Maxtone-Graham
Played by: Eric Idle