Spin City

The Oliver Factor: Charlie Crawford
Played by: Charlie Sheen
"Spin City" debuted on the ABC Television network on September 17, 1996.  The show was set at New York City's City Hall.  While the cast included some talented actors, it was considered a Michael J. Fox project.  However, shortly after announcing that he was living with Parkinson's disease, Fox would leave the show.  This is where "Spin City" lost it's appeal.  Michael J. Fox was a household name and audiences have loved him since "Family Ties" and the "Back To The Future" movies.  But the show must go on and "Spin City" added Charlie Sheen to the cast.

We really can't blame Charlie Sheen too much for being "The Oliver Factor" on Spin City.  Those were pretty big shoes to fill.

It was actually hard to name Charlie as The Oliver Factor, since it could have easily been Heather Locklear.  She changed the tone of the show as well.  But it really was Charlie that ruined it all.  There just wasn't the chemistry on the show as there was with Michael J. Fox.

Spin City would run for six seasons.  The last episode aired on April 30, 2002. 

Charlie Sheen has remained a working actor.  His credits include "Platoon", "Wall Street" and "Hot Shots".  Charlie continued his television career with the series "Two And A Half Men".