Scooby Doo

The Oliver Factor: Scrappy Doo
Played by: Various Voice Actors
Scooby Doo was a classic cartoon.  Loved by millions of people in many countries.  The storylines were the same on each episode.  The kids get scared, go into a creepy place, find a mystery and then solve it.  The bad guys always wore face masks and called them meddling kids.

Same stories, but yet it still remains one of the best known cartoons around.  Of course ask anyone and they will tell you they hate the episodes with Scrappy Doo.

Scrappy was the annoying nephew of Scooby.  He would slowly push Velma, Fred and Daphne out.  Once Scrappy came on the scene, the show was never the same.  Things only got worse when the character of Scooby Dum made his appearance.  It became totally unwatchable.

Scrappy always used his Puppy Power to solve his mysteries.  We just wished someone would turn on about 10,000 volts of power onto this puppy and put him out of our misery.

Scrappy made an appearance in the film version of Scooby Doo as the bad guy who was seeking revenge on Mystery Inc.

We found three voice over actors who were the voice of Scrappy through the years.  Lennie Weinrib, Don Messick  and Scott Innes .  We're pretty sure there were others, but hey would you admit you were the voice of Scrappy?