The Profiler

The Oliver Factor: Rachel Burke
Played by: Jamie Luner
The Profiler came on the air in September 1996.  The show was all about an FBI profiler who solves crimes.  It also had a back story that kept us coming back for more.  The Profiler, Sam Waters was being stalked by a maniac, who killed her husband.  He would constantly send her messages in strange ways.  The show was Ally Walker who played Sam.  But in season four a new profiler is brought in and kills the show.

Jamie Luner from Melrose Place fame is brought in to play profiler Rachel Burke.  She just doesn't have the chemistry with the rest of the cast, the way that Ally did.  The show would be canceled at the end of the season.

We're beginning to see a pattern with Jamie Luner.  She was added to Melrose Place and sees that show get canceled, then the same fate on the Profiler.  We need our own profiler to find out why she keeps killing shows. 

Somebody better warn the folks at CSI: Miami, she was a guest star in 2002.