Party Of Five arrived on our television sets in 1994 and we've been crying ever since. The show was quite depressing, especially since the whole premise was a family of five kids coping after their parents were killed in a car accident. The storylines were often sad as the kids have to get by on their own. The oldest, Charlie was the official guardian of Bailey, Julia, Claudia and Owen.

Through the six seasons of the show a lot happened. Charlie battled cancer, Bailey became an alcohlic, Julia got pregnant, then had a miscarriage, Claudia comes of age and poor Owen pretty much got pushed to the background. Why was Owen on this show in the first place. Was "Party of Four" that bad of a title? They should have ditched the brat.

Party of Five would make an instant star out of a supporting player in Jennifer Love Hewitt. She was so popular that she was given her own spin-off show "Time of Your Life". However, it wasn't the right time of her life. The show was canceled after just a dozen episodes. However, Jennifer's career continued in film and with her music.

"The Oliver Factor" on Party of Five must go to Carol O'Connor in his role as Jake. He arrived in 1996 at the kid's Grandfather. Where the hell was he the first two years? Did he not hear that his daughter was dead and that she had five children that needed to be taken care of? Who needed this bastard now? Party of Five was great because the kids had to make it on their own and now we have a Grandfather? Big mistake. Luckily Jake wouldn't be around long.

Some other characters that were hated on Party of Five were: Callie as played by Alexondra Lee, Tamara Taylor starred as Grace and Jennifer Aspen's character of Daphne. They all could have been "The Oliver Factor", but Jake gets my vote. He should have stayed away from The Salingers. Can you say Party of One?
Party Of Five
The Oliver Factor: Jake
Played by: Carol O'Connor