The Partridge Family

The Oliver Factor: Ricky Stevens
Played by: Ricky Segall
"The Oliver Factor" could easily have been called "The Ricky Factor".  Since the character of Ricky Stevens killed a classic television show.

During the years, The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family have always been compared to each other.  Like The Bradys, The Partridges had their own annoying kid.  His name was Ricky Stevens.  He made his first appearance on The Partridge Family on September 15, 1973.  He was the next door neighbor who wanted to be a singer.  On his first episode he got to sing with the Partridges.  This alone killed the show.

Last we heard of Ricky was that he was a minister in Texas and has a CD of gospel songs out.  Let's pray that if they do a reunion movie, little Ricky Stevens would have moved out of The Partidge's neighborhood.