One Day At A Time

The Oliver Factor: Alex Handris
Played by: Glenn Scarpelli
"One Day At A Time" was another show by Norman Lear that pushed the envelope.  The premise of the show was a divorced woman is caring for her two daughters, while trying to juggle work and a love life.  The show would debut in December of 1975 and would be an instant hit.

Through the years changes would happen.  Daughter Julie would come and go, Barbara would get married, Ann would find men.  The show would add some cast members as years went on.  The one who ruined the show was Glenn Scarpelli.  He played Alex Handris.  He arrived in 1983 as the son of one of Ann's lovers.  His father died and Ann takes him in as one of her own.  Personally we wish he would have entered the foster care system.

Alex was a nerdy, doofy kid, who added nothing to the show, except to bother us.  The appeal of this show in the early days was Ann raising two out spoken girls.  With Alex, everything had changed and it ruined the show.

Glenn Scarpelli has released his own album, which nobody remembers.  He was also featured on "The Love Boat".  Last we heard Charo wasn't worried.