The Odd Couple

The Oliver Factor: Miriam Welby
Played by: Elinor Donahue
There were so many characters to choose from when trying to pick "The Oliver Factor" for "The Odd Couple".  The Pigeon sisters, Monte Hall, Blanche, Felix's kids, etc.  But we must give "The Oliver Factor to Miriam Welby.  She was the mousy chick that Felix dated.  Miriam was a bore and could drive any man to be gay.  Hmmmmm.  We always wondered why two very successful middle aged men lived together.  Certainly they could both afford a place of their own.  Or was there something else going on?

The Odd couple began in the fall of 1970.  Although it was never a huge ratings success, it was the syndication that made it so popular with people of all ages.  The end would come for Felix and Oscar on March 7, 1975.  But the show did have a reunion movie in 1993.

Tony Randall passed away in May, 2004.

Elinor Donahue played Miriam Welby from 1972-1974.  Since then, she has been seen on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and various guest spots on shows like "Friends".