In 1993, NYPD Blue arrived with much fanfare. It would prove to be a ground breaking show, since it was the first network show to air nudity and curse words. This caused several ABC affiliates to refuse to run the show. While some viewers might have been shocked, others couldn't get enough of the Steven Bocho show. I personally could have done without seeing Dennis Franz naked.

The show revolved around a squad of detectives in New York City. Each week they would have to solve a few crimes, while dealing with their personal problems.

In the first year, the show made a star out of David Caruso, who decided to leave the show to pursue a movie career. Big mistake! While his film career did not take off, NYPD Blue did. Caruso was replaced by Jimmy Smits, who stayed with the show for a few years, before deciding himself to leave. Smits character, Bobby Simone was written out of the show, in one of the best death storylines on television. He would be replaced by Rick, don't call me Ricky, Schroder. Rick gets my vote for "The Oliver Factor". He had some pretty big shoes to fill after the great storyline with Jimmy Smits and it just didn't work. Plus what's the deal with not wanting to be Ricky?!? I hate when kid actors think by slightly changing their names, they will suddenly be taken seriously. Can you say, Brian A. Green and Tiffany Thiessen?

Ricky played Danny Sorenson, he arrived in season six as the new detective in the squad. Since he arrived right after Bobby's death, the rest of the squad didn't like him at first. I think they had great taste. Maybe it was just too many repeats of Silver Spoons, but I just couldn't take Ricky as a detective. Lucky for us, it would only take a few seasons for Ricky to be killed off. I hope Bobby kicked Danny's ass in heaven.

NYPD Blue has had so many cast changes through the years. Sherry Stringfield, much like David Caruso left a successful show to pursue other opportunities. She would hit it big time on ER, only to leave that show at the height of it's success and then to return once again.

Gail O'Grady left the show and had a hit with "American Dreams". Kim Delaney left Blue to have her own show "Philly", which got canceled, then had a role on "CSI: Miami", but left after a handful of shows. Andrea Thompson left NYPD Blue and acting behind to start a career as a television News Reporter. She was briefly featured on CNN.

Since NYPD Blue, Ricky Schroder has continued his acting career. He appeared on the television series "Scrubs" in a guest starring role. Ricky has also won a Golden Globe award for the film "The Champ".
The Oliver Factor: Danny Sorenson
Played by: Rick Schroder