Miami Vice was the perfect show for the MTV generation. The show would always feature current music and cheesy 80s fashion. Miami Vice was about two detectives: Crockett and Tubbs and they work in the Miami vice unit. The show would be huge. Losers all over America were copying the Don Johnson stubble and his ugly clothes.

To give the show credit, it was a bold step for a broadcast network to take. While there have been many cop shows on television, this one would break the mold. The cops were good looking and well dressed. You can't say that for Andy Sipowitz from NYPD Blue. Well not unless you were blind.

Miami Vice would make Don Johnson a household name. It would make Philip Michael Thomas a has been a few years later.

The show would make a critical error in season four when Sheena Easton was brought into the show. She played Caitlin Davies. Her acting was bad, the storyline was just plain dumb and what accent does she have? I know she's Scottish, but why is she trying so hard to hide it? I wish all the episodes featuring Sheena Easton were for your eyes only and not mine.

Miami Vice
The Oliver Factor: Caitlin Davies
Played by: Sheena Easton