Melrose Place

The Oliver Factor:
Taylor McBride
Played by: Lisa Rinna
Melrose Place hit the air on July 8, 1992.  The show was a spin-off from Beverly Hills, 90210. 

Although it received a huge promotional push, the show would have problems with the ratings.  When it first came on, the ratings were good, then started to fade.  The addition of Heather Locklear to the cast brought in solid ratings for Fox and Melrose was a street all of America knew well.

But as time went on and cast members left, the producers were forced to come up with some new tenants for Melrose.

On September 9, 1996 we get our first view of Lisa Rinna.  Her character Taylor McBride was from Boston and moved to Los Angeles and rents Jo's old apartment.  Over the next few years the storylines would become more unbelievable.  The fact that Taylor lived in Boston, read a newspaper story about Peter, got her husband to buy a restaurant in Los Angeles and move across the country, in a span of two weeks was just a bit much for us to take in.  Plus what's up with Lisa Rinna's lips?!?  We imagine she was good to have around the set, in case anyone fell in the pool, they could just use her lips as a floatation aid.

Melrose Place would go off the air on May 24, 1999.  Once the most talked about show around America's water coolers, the show ends with an episode called "Asses to Ashes".  Enough said.

Lisa Rinna and her lips went on to host "Soap Talk"
and dance on "Dancing With the Stars"