The Oliver Factor: Nurse Kellye
Played by: Kellye Nakahara
"Mash" is probably the most successful television series based on a film.  It arrived on TV sets on September 17, 1972 and was an instant hit.  The show would go on to win numerous Emmys awards.  But there were many changes through the years that affected the show.  From the death of Henry to Trapper leaving to Klinger stopping to dress like a woman.

But we must give "The Oliver Factor" to Nurse Kellye.  She was played by Kellye Nakahara.  The problem with Nurse Kellye was that she was always in the background and then in the latter part of the series, she began to get storylines around her.  One had her get romantic with Hawkeye?!?  Please I know the war took these men away from home, but they still do have eyes.  Let's face it, with all the good looking nurses why would Hawkeye choose Kellye.

Kellye Nakahara is credited with being on Mash for almost the entire series.  However, she did have a few different character names in earlier episodes.

We had a few others from Mash who could have made "The Oliver Factor".  We considered Charles, BJ and Dr. Freeman, but really Kellye brought this show down.

Kellye has appeared on many television shows in guest spots since Mash.  She also appeared in several movies.  One of them was "She's Having A Baby" in which she played a nurse.