The Love Boat

The Oliver Factor: Vicki Stubing
Played by: Jill Whelan
The Love Boat was one of those shows that was popular because it always had guest stars.  Yet it was the regulars that made it a friendly show.  Who else could have dealt with Charo.

But the show would make a critical error when the character of Vicki was introduced.  She was the daughter of Capt. Stubing.  Vicki was too young and whiney for the show.  A kid did not belong on the ship.  Where were child services when you needed them?

Vicki would first appear on The Love Boat on November 10, 1979 on an episode that also featured The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.  The Cheerleaders would get off the boat for the next episode.  Vicki stayed.  Couldn't we trade her for the cheerleaders and a guest star to be named later?

While The Love Boat was a success, along the way, the producers tried to add new things to get better ratings.  One of those things was the "The Love Boat Mermaids", which was another major mistake on the show.  Although the Mermaids did feature an early Teri Hatcher.

As far as Jill Whelan's career, she had a memorable part in the first Airplane movie.  She also did a television show called Friends.  However, this show lasted only one year and was not related to the NBC comedy with Jennifer Anniston.