Law And Order

The Oliver Factor: Serena Southerlyn
Played by: Elisabeth Rohm
"Law and Order" has had many cast changes through the years.  The changes were actually a good thing.  Always bringing in fresh talent and storylines.  That was until we got a glimpse of Serena Southerlyn played by Elisabeth Rohm.

The addition of Serena could spell the end for Law And Order.  Already getting over exposed due to the many spin-offs, we now have an assistant District Attorney that should be locked up and have the key thrown away.

Elisabeth Rohm sounds like she's reading off cue cards in every scene.  We can't imagine how the rest of the impressive cast doesn't break into laughter when Ms. Rohm delivers her lines.

Although it's hard to believe Elisabeth Rohm has actually been paid to act before Law and Order.  She appeared in several episodes of the television show "Angel".