Laverne and Shirley

The Oliver Factor: Rhonda Lee
Played by: Leslie Easterbrook
Laverne and Shirley was just one of several successful spin-offs from Happy Days.  The story of two brewery workers from Milwaukee, the show was an instant hit.  But then in 1980 the girls moved to Los Angeles.  That alone was reason for the show's decline.  However we award "The Oliver Factor" to Leslie Easterbrook in the role of Rhonda Lee. 

Rhonda was a Marilyn Monroe look-alike who appeared on the show from 1980-1983.  Rhonda was introduced as the girl's neighbor and the two should have moved immediately.

Leslie Easterbrook has appeared in guest roles on several television shows and her biggest claim to fame, other than Laverne and Shirley was the Police Acamedy movies.

Last we heard of Leslie was an episode of Diagnosis Murder.