Silly is the word to describe the show Las Vegas.  It hit our TV screens on September 22, 2003.  The glitzy show set at the ficticious sin city casino The Montecito became kind of an updated silly version of Hotel.  The format of the show allowed for guest stars to come on for a short stay as a guest of the resort.

The reason the show is so silly is that it doesn't know if it's a cop show, a drama, comedy or anything in between.  The head of The Montecito is Ed Deline, played by veteran actor James Caan.  Deline is a former CIA agent, who still thinks he works for the agency.  When someone needs helps, no need to call the police, Ed will handle it.  He also tends to bring along his junior associate Danny McCoy, played by Josh Duhamel.  The two can do things that no one else in law enforcement can.  Not only can they physically fight the bad guys, but it seems they have access to cameras on every street in Las Vegas.  These two along with Mike Cannon, played by James Lesure, who went from a parking lot valet to an executive job in surveillance, can identify any bad guy from just a grainy picture on their cameras.  You have to not over think some of the things these guys can do, because at times they are so far fetched.

The cast also includes Vanessa Marcil as Sam, the casino host.  Mary is played by Nikki Cox, who we're not exactly sure what she does in the casino, but she and Danny get it on and then break it off a lot.  Former MTV "House of Style" host Molly Sims plays Ed's daughter Delinda who runs the club in the casino.  There was also Marsha Thomason in the cast as Nessa, however, she disappeared when season three began.

While season three saw Nessa leave, it did see a new owner of the casino come in Monica Mancuso, played by "The Practice" star Lara Flynn Boyle.  Monica was an ex-waitress who married a billionaire and was out to prove that she's not a gold digger and can run The Montecito.  She and Ed would often argue and finally Ed would leave the casino.  But not for long.

In another silly moment on the show, Monica died when she was blown off the roof of the hotel by a wind, that didn't seem to affect Danny who was also standing on the roof.  While we never liked Monica, we really wanted to see her written off a better way.  This was just...well... silly.
Las Vegas
The Oliver Factor: Monica Mancuso
Played by: Lara Flynn Boyle