I Love Lucy

The Oliver Factor: Little Ricky
Played by: Richard Keith
Everyone loves Lucy.  The show is still popular with people of all ages, even though it is over fifty years old.  Lucy began in 1951 and is credited with the concept of how television shows are shot.  I Love Lucy was the first TV show to use the three camera setup, which is still used today.

The success of I Love Lucy belongs to Lucille Ball and her great comic skills.  Lucy along with her best pal Ethel have some of the most memorable comedy scenes in television history.  Who could forget the candy factory episode?

But I Love Lucy did have it's own Oliver Factor.  His name was Little Ricky.  While he was a cute kid, he changed the show a bit.  After the birth of Little Ricky, Big Ricky would get his big break and send the family to California.  That relocation alone changed the show.  There would be another move for the Ricardos.  Next stop was Westport, Connecticut.  Again, this continued to change the show.

We blame all of this moving on Little Ricky.