Growing Pains

The Oliver Factor: Luke Brower
Played by: Leonardo DiCaprio
Growing Pains made it's debut on ABC in September 1985.  It was well liked immediately.   It would run for seven seasons, plus a reunion movie in 2000.

The show was centered around a husband and wife and their three children.  As the years went on, we would get another child, Chrissy, who somehow through the magic of television would suddenly age four years.

Chrissy was almost The Oliver Factor, but we could not ignore Mr. DiCaprio in the role of Luke.  We would first meet Luke on September 18, 1991.  He was a student in one of Mike's classes and he was homeless.  Well of course the Seavers couldn't leave this one alone.  So they take in the kid and in doing so ruin their own show.

The show started in many ways to go wrong.  Mike was too serious.  Always the cut-up, now he's a teacher.  We could just smell the end was near.  Then Chrissy's amazing aging process sped up the end, but it was Luke that truly took this show to hell.

Leonardo DiCaprio has since left Growing Pains behind.  He is now one of the most famous men in the world, after his starring role in Titanic.  His other major films include Gangs of New York and Catch Me If you Can.  Wonder if he still lists Growing Pains on his resume?