Gimme A Break

The Oliver Factor: Joey Donovan
Played by: Joey Lawrence
Gimme A Break began on October 29, 1981.  It's storyline revolved around a housekeeper, who is caring for three girls who just lost their mother.  Their father is coping with losing his wife and raising three daughters.  The housekeeper, Nell, becomes a mother figure for the family.

During it's first two years, the show was good.  Not the best acting or writing, but still a good family show.

The focus of the show had always been this working class cop raising three daughters with the help of the housekeeper.  It provided lots of girls coming of age jokes and the father coping.  But then on October 27, 1983 that would change.  A new character was introduced.  This would forever change the show.

Joey Donovan became a regular character on the show and it changed the original concept too much.  However, the show would go on to make Joey Lawrence a star.

Gimme A Break went through some major changes through the years, including the death of Dolph Sweet, the father on the show.  Towards the end of the series, it just became so unbelievable.  Nell decides to leave California and head to New York with Joey.  The final show would take place on May 12, 1987.

Joey Lawrence has continued to have a successful television career.  He recently appeared on "Dancing With The Stars"