"De Plane, De Plane". It's the phrase you remember most about Fantasy Island. Those words came from pint size tattoo as he waited for a small plane filled with suckers to land on the island. He was the assistant to Mr. Roarke, the creepy man who ran the island. Mr. Roarke had his own catch phrase, just before the guests got off their plane he would always say "Smiles, everyone, smiles". Yeah he was smiling, he got fifty grand from each visitor.

Each week a few guests would arrive and request a fantasy or a wish and it would be granted. Along the way, they would learn valuable lessons. Unfortunately, one lesson they didn't learn was don't spend your life savings for a weekend fantasy. Ever hear of Disney World?

Much like "The Love Boat", Fantasy Island always featured a long list of guest stars, mainly from other ABC shows. That's what kept Fantasy Island so fresh and kept it on the air for seven seasons.

But the show did have some problems towards the end. In season seven Tattoo leaves and gets replaced by Christopher Hewett in his role as Lawrence. How can you do Fantasy Island without Tattoo and his "De Plane" line. It was just wrong. Plus Lawrence was just a bore.

Christopher Hewett is best known for his role as Mr. Belverdere on the TV show of the same name.

Fantasy Island would end its run in May 1984. Another version of the show popped up in 1998, but didn't last too long. I always wanted to know, where exactly does one go to book a trip to Fantasy Island? Will my local travel agent have a brochure?
Fantasy Island
The Oliver Factor: Lawrence
Played by: Christopher Hewett