Family Ties

The Oliver Factor: Andrew Keaton
Played by: Brian Bonsall
Family Ties would launch Michael J. Fox into superstardom.  While he became a household name, the show would  also help others in making names for themselves. Both Justine Bateman and Michael Gross.were unknown before the show.  Family Ties also starred Meredith Baxter, who was already a TV star from the show "Family".  Also in the cast was Tina Yothers. 

The show was a success, but then yet another kid who comes on a show and causes the decline of said show.  The Keatons were a great sitcom family UNTIL they had to have another child.  This totally changed the family.  Although Michael J. Fox did have some great scenes with the kid, the show was never the same again.

Andrew Keaton was introduced to the world in 1986 and within three years Family Ties would be off the air.

Last we heard about Brian Bonsall was that he was pursuing a career in the music business with his band "The Late Bloomers".