The Oliver Factor: Cleo Hewitt
Played by: Janet Jackson
"Fame" the television series, based on the film was an instant hit.  It featured some of the original cast from the film.  Some of the film cast who didn't return, were replaced with new actors and some were better than the originals.

But as the years went on new characters were being introduced.  The look of the show would change as well.  The sets became a phony looking studio set.

There were many choices for The Oliver Factor from Fame.  The fat tuba player Dwight was a good choice, as was Bill Hufsey as Christopher Donlon.  But we must award The Oliver Factor to Janet Jackson in her role as Cleo Hewitt.

When Janet arrived it signaled the end was near.  Although the show would still run for a few more years.  The storylines became dumb and the numbers were horrible.

We enjoyed the first two years of Fame, but then Janet or Miss Jackson if you're nasty, ruined the rest of it for us. 

Of course Janet Jackson would go on to super star status with multi platinum selling albums, concert tours and feature films.

Janet made some of the biggest headlines of her career in 2004, when one of her breasts was exposed during the Super Bowl Half-Time show, while singing with Justin Timberlake.  The incident was describe as "A Clothing Malfunction" by Justin and Janet, both insisting it was not planned.