Eight Is Enough

The Oliver Factor: Jeremy
Played by: Ralph Macchio
We had a tough time awarding The Oliver Factor for Eight is Enough.  It was a flip up between Ralph Macchio as Jeremy and Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle the Pearl.  But we must give it to Ralph.

We first met Jeremy on November 5, 1980 and we hated him ever since.  The show was called Eight is Enough and now we have another child?!?  Nine is enough?  We've had enough!!!!

Ralph Macchio joined the show as Jeremy when Abby attended a funeral and brought back her nephew to live with the Bradfords.  At first the family did not get along with him, but by the end of the hour it was all smiles and a new cast member was born.

Eight was truly enough.  The cast was too big to begin with and now to add another child was just wrong. 

Macchio has had a great career in films like "The Karate Kid" and "My Cousin Vinny".  Last we heard of Ralph he was busy with a project called "A Cold Day in August".