Diff'rent Strokes

The Oliver Factor: Sam
Played by: Danny Cooksey
The early success of Diff'rent Strokes was the cute kid in Arnold played by Gary Coleman.  But as Coleman grew up the show declined.  So the thing most shows try is to add in another cute kid.  This time it was Sam, played by Danny Cooksey.  But unlike Arnold, Sam was not cute and he was rather annoying.

While Diff'rent strokes was never known for it's wonderful acting and great storylines, once Sam came, everything got worse.  Sam first appeared on the show in 1984, two years later the show would go off the air.

While most of the former cast members of Diff'rent Strokes would make headlines because of their bad behavior, Danny Cooksey actually continued to work.  He has appeared in several TV and Movie projects including a role in Terminator 2.