Dark Angel

The Oliver Factor: Joshua
Played by: Kevin Durand
Dark Angel debuted on Fox with great fanfare.  After all, the show was created by Titanic director James Cameron.  The pilot episode would go down in history as being the most expensive ever made.  The show would make an instant star out of Jessica Alba.

The first season was great, as Max battled Manticore and Lydecker.  But in the second season, Lydecker turns good and helps Max.  But even worse, Max discovers that Manticore were doing experiments with these freaky creatures.  She decides to free them and this is where the show makes a critical mistake.  We met Joshua, a dog like creature who should have been put down.  Max looks after Joshua as he gets into trouble.  This completely ruined the show.  Too many episodes had Joshua in them.  One actually had him fall in love.  Was his love interest blind?...oh actually she was.  While she was blind, the show became dumb.

James Cameron did a great job with Dark Angel, we just wish he would have given Joshua the same fate as Leonardo DiCaprio at the end of titanic.

Dark Angel would only last two seasons.  But in dog years thats actually 14.