The Cosby Show

The Oliver Factor: Olivia Kendall
Played by: Raven-Symone
The Cosby Show was another show that changed television.  It was a highly rated show that featured a black cast.  It starred the comic legend Bill Cosby and centered around his family.

But the cast was changing and the addition of Olivia was the beginning of the decline of this show.  For years, The Cosby Show had their cute child in Rudy.  But she was getting older, so of course the show would attempt to add another cute child.  Only this time, it didn't work.  While Raven-Symone was a cute child, she was simply not Rudy.

We first saw Olivia during the sixth season of the show.  She came on as the child of Denise's new husband.  Denise decided to travel with her Navy husband, but leave the child behind.

Raven-Symone continues to act, her credits include the TV show  "That's So Raven".