Charlie's Angels

The Oliver Factor: Julie Rogers
Played by: Tanya Roberts
It's hard to imagine television in the 1970s without "Charlie's Angels".  The show was an instant hit and made stars out of the three original Angels: Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith.  But as time went on and Angels spread their wings and flew away the show would decline.  The first new Angel was Cheryl Ladd.  We were happy with her.  She wasn't Farrah, but still a decent choice.

But in season four things go horribly wrong.  Kate Jackson leaves and we are stuck with Shelley Hack.  We thought things couldn't get worse.  We were wrong.  In season five we get Tanya Roberts as Julie Rogers.

Julie didn't even have a background as a dectective.  She was a model.  And how exactly does that qualify her to be an Angel?  Oh that's right, we get to see the Angels in swim suits.  This would signal the end of Charlie's Angels.  The ratings were going down and on June 24, 1981 the Charles Townsend Agency closed it doors.

Since 1981 there have been many project mentioned about reviving the Angels.  In 1988 a nationwide search was held to find new Angels for "Angels '88".  The search would discover Tea Leoni, but sadly the show never made it on the air.

Then Drew Barrymore decided to produce a movie version of the hit show.  The film did very well and a second movie was made.

As far as Tanya Roberts, what is she doing now?  Well we heard she did an episode of "That 70's Show" in 1998.