The Brady Bunch

The Oliver Factor: Cousin Oliver
Played by: Robbie Rist
Here's the know the theme song.  The Brady Bunch was a classic television show.  It revolved around Mike and Carol Brady, who both had three children when they remarried.  Mike had three boys, Carol three girls.  The show was all about the two families coming together as one.  In addition to the kids, there was Alice, the maid.

Okay, while the show was corny and really nobody lives in a house that cool, it was still one of those shows that everyone watched. 

The show was so popular that it spawned several films, spin-offs and reunion movies.

In 1974, Cousin Oliver came to live with The Brady Family.  It would only take five episodes of Oliver to get the Brady Bunch canceled.  While many people think it was the Brady men perms, or Butcher Sam that killed the show, most people blame poor Oliver.

Robbie Rist played the young John Denver look alike cousin Oliver.  But a canceled show didn't stop Robbie Rist from continuing in showbiz.  Last we heard Robbie was touring with his band "The Andersons" and has been making money as a voice-over artist.