Beverly Hills 90210

The Oliver Factor: Ray Pruit
Played by: Jamie Walters
There were many characters that we considered for "The Oliver Factor" for Beverly Hills 90210.  There was Valerie, as played by Tiffani-Amber Thiesson, Kathleen Robertson played Claire Arnold and Vanessa Marcil as Gina Kincaid.  But we must give "The Oliver Factor" to Ray Pruit played by Actor/Singer Jamie Walters.

We first met Ray on October 5, 1994.  He was a construction worker who was waiting for his big break as a singer.  He and Donna would wind up dating, breaking up, beating up and getting back together too many times.

The character of Ray would show us that the producers were grasping at straws for new storylines.  While we liked some of Jamie's songs, they didn't belong on 90210.

Donna was whiney enough and now she's in an abusive relationship with a guy that we're pretty sure she could beat up. Totally unbelievable.

Jamie would remain on the show for about a year.  During that time he would have a hit with the song "Hold On".  Jamie also had a number one song with "How Do You Talk To An Angel" with the band "The Heights" from the television show of the same name.

Jamie continues to make music and released his third album "Believed" in 2002.

Beverly Hills, 90210 returned to the airwaves in 2008, but now is called just "90210".