The Oliver Factor: Batgirl
Played by: Yvonne Craig
After two years on the air, the producers of Batman decided they needed to add a new character.  So they introduced Batgirl.  She was actually the daughter of Commissioner Gordon and a librarian in her real life.  But when it came time to fight crime, she became Batgirl.

The problem with Batgirl was she really wasn't that big of a help to Batman.  Batman already had his hands full with Robin and now he has to deal with this chick.  It seems Batman always had to rescue Batgirl or Robin.  Weren't they supposed to be super heroes? 

We were happy to see a woman on Batman.  After two years we were seriously wondering what exactly was happening at the Wayne mansion.  But Batgirl just didn't do it for us.

Yvonne Craig has had a great career.  Along with Batman, she was feature on many television shows like "Star Trek", "Starsky and Hutch" and "Kojak"