Even reality television shows have an Oliver Factor. And with the Amazing Race there is no one better than Jonathan Baker to hold this title. Along with his wife Victoria Fuller, they started the 6th season of The Amazing Race and looked to be fierce competitors. However, as the race continued, Jonathan and Victoria fought constantly. After each episode aired, they became the talk around the country, mainly because of the way Jonathan would always yell at Victoria. In one episode, Jonathan appeared to shove his wife, hitting her backpack, because they were coming in behind other teams.

In an episode that aired on December 14, 2004, while on a pitstop in Germany, host Phil Keoghan actually had to say to Jonathan that he might want to talk to his wife, since she was very upset. While Jonathan did talk with her, he pretty much told her that it was a race and it's not about compassion.

In another episode, while in Africa, Victoria cuts her finger during a roadblock and Jonathan doesn't seem to help her. Other teams yell at him to help his wife. The two continue to scream at each other and wind up getting eliminated because they didn't read their clue close enough. It told them to bring two donkeys to the next route marker, however they only had one donkey and had to go back and get another. This allowed the team of Adam and Rebecca to get ahead of them.

There has not been a character as hated as Jonathan on any season of "The Amazing Race". But to his credit, Victoria has been very vocal about the fact that he is not abusive and that they both yell at each other. The two appeared on a special with Dr. Phil and both said they love each other.

We haven't seen the last of Jonathan and Victoria. After The Amazing Race, the offers came in for Victoria to pose in magazines like Playboy and Rolling Stone and there is talk of a reality show that will follow the pair around. Jonathan, just be nice this time.

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