Ally McBeal

The Oliver Factor: Victor Morrison
Played by: Jon Bon Jovi
In it's fifth and final season, Ally McBeal added a new character that we give "The Oliver Factor" to.  Jon Bon Jovi played Victor Morrison, who was the guy Ally hired to fix up her new house and she fell for him.

It was a difficult decision giving "The Oliver Factor" to Victor.  A close second was Maddie, the child Ally never knew she had.  Maddie and Victor both came along around the same time.  While we find the storyline absurb with Maddie, we still go with Victor as our choice.

In it's last year, Ally McBeal was losing viewers and looking for new storylines.  Nothing seemed to work and Victor just added to this. 

We first met Victor Morrison on January 14, 2002 and by May of that year, the show was off the air.

Jon Bon Jovi's acting career is just his night job.  His main thing is being a singer/songwriter/producer of his group Bon Jovi.  Jon has sold over 100 Million records in his career.