The Oliver Factor: Jolene Hunnicutt
Played by: Celia Weston
"Alice" was based on the film "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore".  The television show would hit the air on August 31, 1976 and be an instant hit.  The show would run for nine seasons.  Through the years there were several cast changes.  Polly Holiday who played Flo left to have her own show.  She would be replaced with Belle and then later she would be replaced with Jolene.  This is where we start to see the show decline.

The early success of "Alice" was the relationship between the three waitresses and Mel.  When we first saw Belle appear, something was missing and then with Jolene, there was no turning back.  Once Flo left, the series changed.  Part of the reason Flo got her own show was because she was so well liked.  After all, she had the catch phrase of the show: "Kiss My Grits".  Can you say that about Jolene.  No.

The show would end in 1985 when Mel decided to sell the diner.

Last we heard of Celia Weston she did some guest spots on "ER" and "Law And Order: Special Victims Unit".