Alias debuted on September 30, 2001 and had us hooked right away.  The show featured non-stop action involving Jennifer Garner kicking butt each week.  The storyline changed a bit over its five years.  In the beginning Garner's character Sidney Bristow was recruited into what she thought was a government agency, SD-6, an off shoot of the CIA.  But in the first episode she discovers that she is not actually working for the CIA, instead she's employed by a rogue operation.  She decides to go to the real CIA and tell them what she knows of SD-6.  She's convinced to return to the bad guys as a double agent.

In the first few seasons the best part of the show was the tension of Sidney leading this double life.  She would meet with CIA agent Michael Vaughn in secret and then head over to SD-6 to face Arvin Sloane, the evil man who had her fiance killed in the first episode.  Not only did she have to be a double agent for her job, she also lead a secret life from her friends Francie and Will.  They both thought that Sidney worked at a bank and had to make a lot of business trips.  Later on Francie would be killed off and her another bad guy or woman in this case duplicated her appearance and became a double agent to get close to Sidney.  Again this was amazing suspense in the beginning.  Will was a reporter and would wind up getting too close to Sidney's secret life and put into the witness protection program.

Alias had some great bad guys as well.  There was Sark, who always seemed to be after the same thing as Sidney, just on the wrong side of the law.  One of the best baddies was Lauren Reed, who after Sidney disappeared for a few years, leaving Vaughn to believe she was dead, married Michael.  After Sidney reappeared Lauren pretended to be a good guy, but as things on Alias usually wind up, she was bad and in bed, literally with Sark.

The storylines on Alias did get a little confusing at times.  Sidney's father played by Victor Garber, was once a bad guy, who was also a double agent, marries Sidney's mother who is also a double agent for the Russians.  Sidney believes she's dead, but then she's not and now she's good...or is she?

Our Oliver Factor for Alias is Nadia Santos played by Mia Maestro.  Nadia is the half sister of Sidney.  She's the love child of Arvin Sloane and Sidney's mother Irina Derevko, play by Leno Olin.  One a side note, Olin's husband Ken was a producer on the show.  Nadia joined the show at the end of season three and the following year she was a regular agent.  The problem with Nadia was there were too many twists with Sidney's family already, with her mother and father both being spies and now another in the family?!?  Doesn't anyone in the Bristow clan ever become a doctor or lawyer, hell we'd even settle for a garbage man, but all of them spies?!?  We're just not buying this latest relation in the family business.  Plus this show is all about one woman kicking butt...Sidney.  We didn't need another.  Luckily Nadia would come down with an illness that forces her into a coma and off our screens.  Although she would appear in season five briefly.

Mia got the part on Alias after meeting the show's producer J.J. Abrams when she auditioned for a show he was putting together.  He decided she wasn't right for "Lost" and instead gave her the role of Nadia.  And we have disliked him since then.  Just kidding J.J. we still like you, but really was Nadia necessary?
The Oliver Factor: Nadia Santos
Played by: Mia Maestro